Precautions when installing ringlock scaffold system

Time: 2019-02-18
For the beam formworks and plate formworks in the ringlock scaffold system: Uneven surface of the beam and plate; out-of-straight lateral sides of the beam formwork. The beam, keel of plate formwork and intersect sizes and space between the intersects shall be determined after a discreet calculation so the propping system of formwork system will be equipped with enough strength and rigidity. During the construction operation, the fulfillment of designed requirements shall be met without sparing any effort to keep the original form of formwork when dumping concrete into it.

For the column formwork in the ringlock scaffold system: mis-calculation for the size of swelling formwork and cross section. The cross sections and space of column coop shall be determined according to the design of column height and cross section size. Use column piercing bolts and vertical steel joist to make sure the strength and rigidity of the column formwork can uphold the lateral stress from concrete. Make sure the construction operation abide by the design requirements.

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