Glance of Chinese tube and coupler scaffolding

Time: 2019-02-15
Since 1960s, the Architectural Mechanical Department of Chinese Architecture Research Academy has carried out special study and research on calculating and designing of the tube and coupler scaffolding and its erecting, application and management, coupler material, as well as the capacity requirements and its inspection standards.

The research also includes the topic of ensuring the economic results from the scaffold techniques. The department also has made relevant standards regarding technical specifications along with couplers quality.

Since then, standards about couplers also have been made and implemented from abroad such as the ISO 4054-80 (E) “requirements and inspection process of the tubular scaffold system with couplers, inserted pins and base boards”, Australia AS 1575-1974 “Tube connection elements and accessories used on the metal scaffolding” and the nations that have issued scaffold standards include France, EU, Japan and Soviet Union.

In 1984, based on the extensive investigations on the coupler manufacturers and factories and inspections of couplers which possess the most extensive application, the Coupler standard of Chinese version named JGJ22-85 “tubular scaffolding system with couplers” came into being with reference to the international standards and criteria and has been revised and supplemented in 1993 to be a national standards with a standard code GB15831-1995 “tubular scaffolding system with couplers”.

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