Guidelines on safely dismantling scaffolding with clamp.

Time: 2019-02-14
Properly dismantling construction tools with scaffolding clamp is as important as properly erecting it. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Below come the guidelines on how to dismantle for the purpose of protecting staff’s safety.

The dismantling process of single pole scaffolding and double poles scaffolds shall be start from top to bottom rather than simultaneous start from the top and the bottom which is strictly forbidden. The tie members shall be dismantled level by level along with the dismantling of the whole scaffolding system and the tie members must not be removed on an entire floor or on several floors ahead of dismantling the scaffolding system. When lifts of dismantling in segment way is more than two, a tie member shall be added for the purpose of enhancing the fixation.

When the whole dismantling process has come down to the last long standing tube of about 6.5 meters long, there should erect temporary supports for fixation at a proper location before the tie members are dismantled. When dismantling the single pole and double poles scaffolding system in segments or facades, tie members and transverse flat tube for fixation shall be erected at the ends of scaffolds which will not be dismantled.

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