Analysis on steel scaffolding clamps

Time: 2019-02-14
The small flat tubes in scaffolding clamps system shall extrude about 10cm over the whole structure to avoid it from slipping out from the clamps at the end. In order to assure its role in the scaffolding system of connecting and fixing, the quality of scaffolding clamp its own and the fastening degree it have shall be discreetly inspected as they will greatly influence bearing capacity, stability and the safety ratio of the whole scaffolding structure.

What’s more, the whole load bearing system on the external frame belongs to centrifugal bearing and the small tubes use couplers to deliver the load to standing tubes, in order to rectify and minimize the deviation mistake, all small flat tubes in the same lift or same cross shall be installed face to face or back against back.

As the double lined external frame always collapses in a transverse way as a whole while small flat tubes are major sets in a transverse level, a sound function of it can help to reduce length of longitudinal tubes on one hand, and on the other hand, can avoid external and internal tubs from contortion.

The ends of small flat tubes shall be fixed and fastened with standing tubes by crossing head couplers and shall not be dismantled or removed at any time.  

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