The role of coupler scaffolds play in the tubular scaffold system.

Time: 2019-02-13
Coupler scaffolds use couplers to fix scaffold tubes together. Then how to ensure the stability of the fixation joints?
All connections on a scaffold lift shall be made secure and fully tightened before assembly of the next lift.
When a scaffold is being dismantled, the components above each tie shall be dismantled or removed before he tie is removed. Stability shall be maintained while the scaffold is being dismantled.
The working load bore on the formwork frame includes the self weights of the standing brace, transverse tube, longitudinal tube, horizontal slant tube and the vertical slant tube.
The value of self weight of the scaffolding board shall be calculated as 0.35kn/m2.
The standard value of handrails and the toeboard on the working platform shall be calculated as 0.14kn/m2.
The standard weight value of safety nets fully hang on scaffold shall be calculated as 0.1kn/m2.
The standard load bearing value of formwork support:
The standard self value of formwork support frame Q1 shall be determined according to the design of drawings. For the ribbed floor slabs and slab formwork without beams, the standard self value shall be calculated according to the Table 4.2.3-1. 

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