What are among the kinds of scaffolding board systems?

Time: 2019-02-12
The scaffolding board system comprises of either solid wood planks, laminated lumber planks, fabricated planks or fabricated platforms. All platform unit manufacturers or the lumber grading association or inspection agency shall be followed for all the recommendations.
Wood planks shall be of a “scaffold plank grade” and shall be certified by and bear the grade stamp of relevant departments, conforming to and marked in accordance with BS 2482 are also acceptable.
All laminated lumber planks shall have the words” proof tested scaffold plank” and “OSHA” and continuously at least one edge.
Plans ends shall not be split more than 25mm without metal banding. Even with banding, planks ends shall not be split over 300mm.
Planks shall not be twisted from end to end or curled from side to side more than 13mm.
Scaffolding board shall be inspected for defects, including damage, decay and warping, prior to each use. Boards that are split, warped, twisted, saw cut drilled, worn, decayed, broken or damaged shall not be used. However, the defective parts may be cut off to produce shorter planks. In this case, the cut ends shall be banded.

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