The application and features of pipe scaffold

Time: 2019-02-12
When we talk about the pipe scaffold, we always mean various frames and supports which have been erected by the workers on the construction site for the transportation of materials and workforce both vertically and horizontally.
Its common terminology in the world, the pipe scaffold, refers to the tool which is used to finish the work on the external wall, interior decoration or work at height. Most parts of the scaffold tubes include the accessories installed height, the safety net around the external wall and equipment helping to finish the downside and upside in the air.
The common material of the scaffold tubing is bamboo, wood and steel tube or synthetic material. Some scaffolding is also used as formwork in some construction site and they are already widely used in the industries of advertisement, municipal building, transportation, and mining projects.

Different pipe scaffold has different roles in different construction projects. At present, the most widely applied pipe scaffolding systems in the bridge construction projects are cuplock pipe scaffold and you can also find the frame scaffolding in some projects. The distance between the longitudinal tubes is 1.2-1.8m and that of the transverse tubes is 0.9-1.5m.

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