Erect Scaffold Tube in Ringlock Scaffolding System

Time: 2019-01-30
Among the scaffolding system, the ringlock scaffolding system is the most widely installed type on the construction site. The scaffold tube kind in such scaffolding system has a wide range: the longitudinal tube, transverse tube and the diagonal tube. Below comes the information of how to erect the scaffold tube which is necessary to build a safe scaffolding system:

The ringlock joints shall be composed of the connecting plate on the longitudinal tube, the coupler joint head of the transverse tube and the connecting head of the slant tube.

The outer surface of the pin shall match with the inter surface of the transverse tube and the slant tube; the connection of the pin shall be anti-drawing of a minimum index of 3KN.

The pin of the ringlock scaffolding system shall be equipped with anti-drawing structure and be easy to deeply mark in order to be noticed by the inspectors without any efforts.

The distance between the longitudinal ringlock joints shall be calculated under the 0.5 module standard and that of the transverse tube length shall be under the 0.3 module requirements. 

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