Find more information on TIANDI ringlock system scaffolding

Time: 2019-01-25
The ringlock system scaffolding, also called the four-way ring system scaffolding, is a just invented dip kind scaffolding which has the auto lock function.

The main functions and applications of the ringlock system scaffolds are as follows :
The prop of the building formwork engineering project especially for the prop formwork at height;
The external scaffolding system of the high and medium high building construction;
The stock formwork of the big, medium and small size;
The working platform at height of the maintenance work and the electricity installation work;
The formwork of the concert, the sports meeting, the interim audience stage and the performing stage;
The mobile work shed at the construction site.

This ringlcok system scaffolding include the vertical rods and the horizontal rods with a reasonable structure at the coupler’s joints. The vertical rods can deliver the strength load in an upright way to form a solid 3D form as well as a firm fixation with the auto lock capacity, all of which can contribute to a high strength and security ratio to full satisfy the requirements for safety construction work.

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