How can you ensure the work with high scaffold safety?

Time: 2019-01-25
Safety always comes as the prior issue when we are working on the construction site. Even if the scaffolding system can create more efficiency to the work, unsafe scaffold working conditions can lead to accidents, serious injuries and death, especially during the erection and dismantling of the scaffold are of particular risk such as falling , electrical hazards and structural flaws caused risks.

Here recommends you a new type of scaffolding system named the quick dismantling scaffolding system to improve your scaffold safety ratio.

The composition of this quick dismantling scaffolding system includes:
The composite bracing structure of the slab formwork, including the main steel keels, the minor keels, the butt vertical rod, the threaded cross rod and the hollow screw; all of these elements and parts belong to be installed separately and are facile to transport and erected;
The composite bracing structure of the frame piles;
The composite bracing structure of the shear wall;

In this new system, the main and the minor steels backridge, using the cold welded steel slab as its raw materials, have replaced the traditional wood back ridge, saving a large number of timbers. These are materials with high performance in anti-corrosion and rigidity as well as of high flexible capacity.

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