The ringlock scaffolds used in the construction

Time: 2019-01-23
As one of the support systems for construction, ringlock scaffolding owns advantages both of cup-lock scaffolding and shoring tower. Ringlock Scaffolding is a proven multi-purpose scaffold system which can be used for all forms of accesses and support structures in the building construction industries, facade retention and viaducts etc. The vertical standard bears the loads from the scaffold down to the earth.

Some Ringlock System Scaffolding consists of galvanized steel modular components that are assembled together using integral wedge connectors. It consists of vertical members with integral rosette connections welded to them. The system has a complete range of accessories, including: steel planks, side brackets, system toe boards, stairs, ladders and reinforced ledgers. Horizontal ledgers are available in a variety of lengths, enabling the system to be built in just about any configuration to suit the job at hand. Safety was the prime concern so all components shall be designed to comply with regulations, and backed by an intensive test program. Because all components are galvanized and built for increased safety, service life, and resistance to damage, the Ringlock System Scaffolding is perfect for all types of applications and industries.

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