Why We Choose Aluminium Formwork System in the Construction Projects?

Time: 2019-01-18
The technical advantages of the aluminium formwork system in the urban construction:

1.Short period of construction. The aluminum form work system is in the line of quick dismantling form system. It is more cost efficient to save your management cost in that one layer(a set of wooden board and 3-6 sets of prop systems) can be completed in four working days so the construction works can be conducted in a swift manner, accelerating the site works.
 2.Highly reuse rate, reducing the average cost. A complete set of the aluminium form work system, whose original material is compressed as an integrated system, can be used repeatedly over 300 times, that is, 5RMB per square meter.

 3.User-friendly and high in efficiency. The aluminium form work system is easy to assemble with the average weight of 20kg, which can be totally removed and assembled by hand. The simple design of it makes it easy for the workers to learn and speed up the workflow; its average working rate per worker is 20-30 square meter.

 4.Strong stability and load capacity. Presently, most of the aluminium formworks has the loading capacity of 60KN/square meter, which is sufficient to meet the loading capacity requirements of the branch formwork most of the residential buildings.

5.Wide range of application. The aluminium formworks system is suitable for the wall, the horizontal floor slab, the post, the beam, the staircase, the window and the floating plate, etc. It is also useful in the secondary structures such as the bond beams and tie columns.

 6. Less joints fissure and higher accuracy. Smoother surface of the concrete after removal. There is no need to plaster of the concrete after the removal of the formwork.

 7.Less waste left on the construction site. As it has higher rate in recycling, the aluminium building formwork is facile to remove with less waste, leaving a safe, clear and tidy working site.

 8.General standard and usage. The specification of the aluminum form work is multiple and can be assembled with different plates according to the construction projects. Only 20% of the non-standard plates of the formwork need to be replaced in a second application.

 9.Higher value in the reuse. The waste of the aluminium form work is also very high.

 10.Low rate of the carbon emission. Most of the aluminium building materials belong to the renewable kinds which are in accordance with the regulations of the energy saving, the environmental protection and low carbon emission.

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