acrow prop sizes

Time: 2019-01-17
Acrow props are mainly used on the subway, its mainly purpose is to stop the soil on the tunnel wall, so that can prevent building foundation pit collapse happened. Acrow prop is the most common products used in subway construction building. Acrow prop is tilted connected component, the shape of this product is various, such as chevron shape and cross shape, different shapes of acrow props play different roles. Acrow prop always play an important part in construction at any where.
Acrow prop is devided into many different classifications according to the acrow prop sizes and appearance. Acrow props sizes main included: Φ 400, Φ 580, Φ 600, Φ 609, Φ 630, Φ 800 and so on. Acrow props of different sizes also play different roles. When using this product on construction, every detail is very important. In most time, security is based on caring the details. But as long as you are careless, it may caused a big accident happened. The above is I know about acrow props and I hope it’s useful and helpful.

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