The dismantling specification technical requirements of acrow

Time: 2019-01-17
Acrow prop is the most widely used on the subway. It is an important component as the function of connection. It is used in a cave in the subway in order to prevent collapsing and blocking the cave wall. Of course, the components of acrow prop are indispensable products, therefore acrow prop is the most widely used on the subway. The appearance of acrow props form the main commonly used included: chevron shape and cross shape.

The latest situation about acrow props is that steel prices rebound is blocked. In the short term, steel prices rebound is impossible, many steel mills are capital preservation or profitable, if this caused the enthusiasm for steel production rise again, it’s possible that the steel prices still have further to fall. So there are much fraud phenomenon about acrow props at the present, it is easy to appear the construction safety accident. Even you have bought high quality acrow props, the dismantling specification technical requirements. The following is the introductions of part.

1, in order to prevent cracking structure, acrow props can be dismantled after corresponding structure meet the design of concrete strength by 70%.
2, lift the acrow props with a crane, in the end is a 100 t jack, pick out steel wedge by exerting axial force to the steel for loosing wedge, unloading step by step to take after steel wedge, lay down the supports.
3, dismantle by using artificial cooperate and crane.

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