The advantages of safe passage about ringlock scaffolding

Time: 2019-01-16
The position of ringlock scaffolding safe passage must be reasonable, such structures in the building construction is necessary, the ringlock scaffolding is made of ledger, standard with spigot, diagonal brace, catwalk, etc. The components is less, but every one is very important in the building, there are two ring lock scaffolding safe passages: tower safe passage, construction safe passage.
The advantages of tower safe passage:
1.tower safe passage accord with human body engineering can meet all kinds of construction can be invalid emergency staircase in the public area
4.single stairs and double stairs are optional
5.installation and dismantling is quick and easy

The advantages of construction safe passage: safe passage accord with human body engineering
2.systematic product, which can be layed fastly and safty can save space and logistics cost with the design of product
4.simple design, high bearing capacity can be moved by crane only one time

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