Selecting Scaffolding

Time: 2019-01-16
Selecting Scaffolding
General construction, interior and exterior painting, window washing and roofing are normal applications of scaffolding solutions today. Selection criteria in these areas are based on varying degrees of uniqueness needed for each job. For example, roofing scaffolding requires the necessary scaffolding functions of performing roof work. However, particular climates and work environments narrow the choices. This concept applies to all applications of scaffolding. A rudimentary understanding of scaffolding is necessary as additional features are evaluated for proper selection.
Examples of climate and environment considerations are as follows:
Freezing temperatures – platform materials that less slick under icy conditions
Storms – climates with high chance of lightning should use less metal materials
Natural disasters – tornado weather requires extra safety harnessing options
While rules for using scaffolding vary from place to place, most scaffolding systems should be erected, regularly inspected and taken down under the supervision of a trained scaffolding contractor or designer.

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