How much is the wholesale price of scaffold plank

Time: 2019-01-15
Compared with other construction board: the price of bamboo board is between twenty to thirty yuan every 0.7 ㎡, scaffold planks price will be about three times higher, the price of scaffolding planks is ninety yuan or even hundreds yuan every 0.7 ㎡.

Construction scaffold plank, just as its name implies, is a kind of foot hand piece used in building which laying on the scaffold, facilitate workers above the walking, transport materials and construction for temporary use of building materials. At present, there are three types of construction boards in the market: bamboo board, scaffold plank, grille spring board.

Due to the unique function and the importance of construction scaffolding planks, people focus on aspects of performance about different materials which contain safety, convenience, bearing degree. So there is a big discrepancy in prices, it is not hard to see the unique advantages of scaffolds planks, and its life is very long, in the use of six to eight years later, still can recover the cost of 80%.

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