Adjustable screw jack daily maintenance tips and instructions

Time: 2019-01-15
This is a knowledge that how to maintain adjustable screw jack. From material, heat treatment, fabrication, inspection to shipment, they are based on the rigorous quality assurance system to manage, therefore has a high reliability. Adjustable screw jack don’t drive for a long time will hinder the turning force, moving frequency. There are many features about screw jack, such as: high accuracy, high axial rigidity, can lock, with transmission of reversibility, small friction loss, high efficiency. But in peacetime maintenance also needs certain skills, here we share with you the screw maintenance skills.

Screw jack daily maintenance tips and instructions
1.The ball screw vice and other rolling friction transmission components, as long as avoid abrasive particles and chemical active substances to enter, you can think of these components is almost do not produce wear under the condition of work. But if on the rolling path into the dirt, or the use of dirty oil, it will not only hinder the normal operation of ball, but also wear has increased dramatically.
2. For the exposed screw, generally use the spiral just take, telescopic, taper sleeve and folding plastic or leather shield, in the form of adhesive to the screw to prevent dust and grits surface. In addition to the shield is similar to that of a guide rail, this one end connected to the ball nut end face several shield, the other end is fixed on the bearing seat of ball screw. So that it can be stronger.

Above is provided by the TIANDI about screw jacks daily maintenance skills, there is also a match parts adjustable base skill. Hope to bring help, TIANDI hope these can help you. You can enter into  for more information. Although the above maintenance skills relate a lot of, but the screw fault is generated by a variety of, have no fixed pattern. Some fault is gradually developed, should have a process of development, with the increase of use time, it will become more and more serious; Sometimes sudden fault, generally no obvious signs, the fault must be happened by all sorts of unfavorable factors and outside work together.

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