Screws, bolts and their differences

Time: 2019-01-14
Screws and bolts have been widely used in construction industry and the production, installation and maintenance of mechanicals, communication, and furniture equipment as well. But only some are familiar with the right information. Screw and bolt do different from each other. A screw, by definition, is not a bolt. Screws, bolts, nails and staples all are different types of fasteners we used in our daily life. Each and every screw has its own use so you should know about every fastener to make proper use of it and same with the case of bolts.

Below are some specific points that show the difference between bolts and screws:
€ Threading: Only with the threading concept it will be difficult to determine the difference between these two fasteners.
€ Heading: Heading is also not an exact way to different between them because both are defined as a threaded and headed fasteners.
€ Fastening: Probably one can differentiate between the two with the fastening materials they are used in.
The main difference between these two fasteners lies on the method of tightening them. When you are using screw you tighten it by turning its head in clockwise rotation itself whereas when using bolts you tighten it by turning the nut underneath. So make your choice wisely by using the appropriate fastener for your construction project.

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