Q235 and the production of galvanized pipe rack

Time: 2019-01-14
Q235 is not only the material used for the production of galvanized pipe rack, but also the only standard to verify the quality of pipe rack, as well as test tube rack quality. Q235 includes carbon C: ≤0.20% Si Si: ≤0.35%, manganese Mn: 0.3 ~ 0.7%, sulfur S: ≤0.045%, phosphorus P: ≤0.045%, chromium Cr: to allow the residual content of ≤0.30%, Ni: to allow the residual content of ≤0.30%, copper Cu: to allow the residual content of ≤0.30%, Q235B a certain elongation, strength , good toughness, easy stamping and welding, widely used in the manufacture of mechanical parts in general. Mainly used in construction, the bridge engineering and high quality welded structure.
Q235 Material galvanized pipe

Therefore, the use of materials Q235 galvanized pipe, rack tube material is divided according to:
1, a single standard steel pipe rack: it is a steel pipe with the same specifications (example: scaffolding fasteners such as:. Ф48 × 3.5 of welded steel pipe)
2, a variety of specifications of steel combined into a scaffold tube: it is constituted by a combination of two or more of the above steel pipes of different sizes (eg: frame scaffold)
3, based on steel scaffolding: its meaning can be understood in steel that is dominated by other types of steel scaffolding constructed auxiliary pieces.

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