Types and Applications of Scaffold Coupler

Time: 2019-01-08
Couplers are the main role of the coupler is used to hold up two or more pieces of the structure together. There are different types and sizes scaffolding couplers on the market. Some of the versions of the coupler are butterfly couplers, half couplers, swivel couplers etc. Some of the other scaffolding fittings include wingnuts, brackets and other small fittings for fastening assembly. Bolts and pins are also used.
The scaffolding couplers are made of forged steel. Besides this other manufacturing methods are also used such as plasma cut steel, die-cast options etc. The best scaffolding fittings should always meet the safety requirement. The standards of these scaffolding fittings are mainly set by The ISO; it is a universal manufacturing rating system. Other regulations and standards differ from country to country. Such as British or JIS and so on. 

These scaffolding couplers are important in the safety and security of your workers and construction project. It can both create a stable scaffold structure and also be used in various other industries such as Petrochemical/ Water Conservancy and Hydropower / Traffic Engineering / Civil Buildings / Ocean Engineering.

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