Things need to know about scaffolding accessories

Time: 2019-01-07
Scaffolding accessories are the tools used to hold the scaffolding system together. As main ingredients of construction assemblies, they usually include: pipes, couplers and board.

Pipes: - Pipes or tubes are the major part formwork set-up, as it is assembled from top to bottom. Previously, bamboos were used as key part of the scaffold. These days, builders are applying lightweight tubes so as to make the entire settings easy to install at construction site. They are made either of aluminum or steel. Besides, some settings do also come with glass fiber and polyester tubes. For industrial scaffolding, builders are largely applying steel or aluminum tubes for robust support.

Couplers: - Couplers are the large pieces are used to hold up two or more pieces of structures. To join tubes end-to-end joint pins (also called spigots) or sleeve couplers are used. Only right angle couplers and swivel couplers can be used to fix tube in a 'load-bearing connection'. Single couplers are not load-bearing couplers and have no design capacity.

Boards: - Boards or platform are used to provide a secure working surface for workmen. It is kept between two pipes so as to help the labors to ascend high for their task. They are usually hardened wood which comes in light weight with thickness as required. 

Besides these three materials, scaffolding system includes some added ladders, ropes, anchor points, Jack base and base plates These scaffolding accessories are not only used to create strong scaffold structure but also used in various other industries.

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