Usages, types, basic knowledge of scaffolding system

Time: 2019-01-05
Scaffolding system is, basically, with a help of different kinds of scaffolding accessories, a temporary structure of frames and planks that are fastened to support construction work. 

Reasons to use scaffolding system including:

To offer a steady working platform for workers carrying out the construction work
To carry out maintenance of the exteriors of an existing structure like painting, cleaning, etc.
As stair towers for an easy access to raised platforms like flat roofs
As cradles, hanging platforms or suspended platforms such as for bridge maintenance
Use as a temporary roof, walkway, bridge, storage sheds, ramp, etc.
For bracing structural props
For setting stages for filming and theatre purposes
To reinforce river bank or lake-side 
To install sign-boards frames and advertising hoardings
To stabilize and keep a structure or tall object vertical.
We find many types of fittings, they are different in sizes too.
Generally, there are three accessories for the scaffolding settings: pipes, couplers and board. 
Nowadays, for the strong and relentless construction works and the advent of industrial boom across the globe, the need for scaffolding system is looming large these days. We are looking forward its future development.

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