What are the advantages of aluminum scaffolding?

Time: 2019-01-05
As a temporary construction structure used for supporting workers,,the quality of scaffolding is of great importance. There is a variety classification of scaffoldings, like bamboo, timber and so on. Among which, the most commonly used one is aluminum scaffolding. Compare to other types of scaffoldings, it owns the following advantages:
1. Higher ability to resist high temperature and acid;

2. Easy and fast installation, save installing time and labor cost;

3. A longer service life and low cost;

4. More durable and anti-corrosion; 

5. Lighter material, energy saving and environment friendly.

Compare to other scaffoldings, aluminum scaffolding is an advance in the field of construction. There is a wide use of this system and it is vital in modern applications such as civil construction and temporary structures and this has led towards the definition of a series of standards covering a great number of specific issues involving scaffolding.

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