TIANDI Construction Scaffolding Safety Tips

Time: 2019-01-05
What is the most important thing in scaffolding construction? Quality? Not exactly. The Best answer is scaffolding safety. Safety without quality is meaningless, and quality without safety is meaningless and dangerous. TIANDI Group, with over 15 years experience in scaffolding industry, commits itself to provide excellent service and a range of products of high quality and safety rate.

The design and structure of the scaffold is extremely important for the sake of the user's safety. Here are some tips for your information:

• Inspect the working site and the scaffolding by a trained staff thoroughly before the real start of the construction.

• Be sure the footings are safe and capable of holding the weight that will be added.

• Inspect scaffolding before use, setting scaffolding on flat ground, keeping surrounding areas clean, not going over the weight limit, and        not working in inclement weather.

• Make sure all cross braces are safe.

• Make a ladder handrill to board on and off the scaffold.

• Make sure that poles and legs are safe.

Numerous accidents can occur if the structure isn't completely stabilized. Scaffolding construction requires a rigorous amount of care in terms of quality and safety. Hope these tips could be of help to you.

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