Scaffolding parts and their advantages

Time: 2019-01-04
For TIANDI Scaffolding parts, we own the top standards with reliability, high quality, competitive prices, and supreme regard for safety. We are fully insured and fully trained. We are committing ourselves to exceed customer'expectations.

Scaffolding Tube

Scaffolding Steel Plank/Metal Plank

Moveable Frame Scaffolding

Aluminum Formwork

Wooden Formwork

Galvanized Tube

Scaffolding Coupler

Ring Lock Scaffolding System

Adjustable Shoring Prop

Scaffolding ladder

Square Tube

Steel Formwork

Base Jack

All scaffolding parts shares the following advantages:

1. Technology product, anti-corrosion and rust.

2. Galvanized treatment design, cost control,ADTO's excellent product.

3. An indispensable safe part for construction work acceleration.

4. More stable design.

5. Lighter material, energy saving and environment friendly.

All parts in the ADTO Scaffolding is full welding, increase safety & durability.

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