Edge Protection/Fall Provention System for Concrete Structure

Time: 2018-10-24
APAC SAFETY products are manufactured together with local industry partners in the factories located in Changzhou and Wuxi, China. Thanks to the local production facilities, APAC SAFETY products are prepared in requested quantities and varieties, and delivered to the greatest construction projects all over the world in a short time.
APAC Builders Equipment Co.,Ltd is a pioneer supplier in China that specialize in providing temporary edge protection solutions for construction industry. 

A temporary edge protection is built of a steel barrier, a socket base, according to the construction situation, and two posts. It complies with the requirements according to EN 13374, class A.

1.APAC Barrier
The barrier with its integrated board plate replaces the classical side protection consisting of three parts. The barrier is available in three sizes.
The Post is designed to be permanently used with the barrier. Depended on the construction situation the Post is available in different types, as well as the version that is adjustable in height.
3.Socket Base
Depended on the area of application of the temporary side protection, different bottom attachments are necessary for the connection with the Post. 

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