Some of the function of scaffolding

Time: 2018-07-20
Construction industry's generic term, referring to the construction site used in the exterior wall, interior decoration, or can not be directly work-storey high places. Mainly for construction workers to work from top to bottom or perimeter security network maintenance and installation of components such as high altitude, that white is put on airs, scaffolding materials are usually made are: bamboo, wood, steel or synthetic materials. Some projects also used the scaffold as a template to use, in addition, in the advertising industry, municipal, transportation road and bridge, mining and other sectors are also widely used, is very convenient and safe.

Housing repairs fixed in the scaffolding is divided into: general scaffold, building scaffolding, scaffolding level, independent domestic scaffolding, scaffolding around the yard, get the total width of row scaffolding, scaffolding balcony, water pipe scaffold, building scaffolding pole, building the chimney scaffolding, scaffolding and other types of full house, In preparing the budget should be the classification of different types of housing to apply the appropriate scale.

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