Establishment of Standard Mold Base of Punch Based on Pro / E

Time: 2018-07-11
1, the structure of the die mold
In the national standard of the die, there are many kinds of mold, but the commonly used die mold is a mold base, under the mold seat, guide column, guide sleeve combination of four parts. As the upper and lower mold base and the guide column, the guide sleeve has been standardized, so the die mold design, in fact, according to the convex and concave module size and opening requirements of the four components of the selection and assembly. Therefore, in the design of the mold base library, we must first realize the rapid design and assembly of the standard part library of the mold frame, and the standard part library of the mold frame is built up based on the standard parts of the mold frame, so we must first use the 3D modeling of Pro / E software Function to create standard parts of the three-dimensional entities, and then according to convex and concave module size and the different requirements of the mold on the four parts of the standard parts for assembly

2, punch mold standard parts to create
In this paper, we introduce the method of creating standard parts in the mold with Pro / E software, taking the process of creating standard parts (lower mold base) in the rear sliding guide mold. Pro / E by the modeling features, to create a model of standard models, first of all to establish its three-dimensional prototype to. First into the Pro / E software part design mode, with PRO / E in the feed feature or physical feature (Protrusion) method, in the Pro / E drawing window to the part of the stereoscopic 2D profile drawn , By setting the Extrude command (squeeze) to generate the model of the basic entity, the entity shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1 lower mold base of the basic entities Figure 2 under the mold seat stereoscop
And then in this matrix characteristics to do with the cutting material processing, in the process to pay attention to the following two points: First, in the request to select the direction of the material, select the top of the stereotype as the front, TOP surface for the three-dimensional prototype material grow The direction of the normal surface. Second, in the 2D section of the drawing process to pay attention to the use of existing physical geometric edge to draw some of the material profile in the edge. In the establishment of the two bosses must pay attention to the use of physical geometric edge to the boss of a few edges to be bound. In the absence of these constraints, a series of library parts will be in the process of re-creation of the failure of the information. Figure 2 for the establishment of a good mold base stereogram.
Since the mold base and the upper mold base are basically symmetrical when creating the standard part of the base mold
In the lower mold base is the guide pin hole, on the mold seat on the sleeve hole, so they are basically the same way to create.
In the drawing of Pro / E software, the creation of a stereotype can also be done with the Revolve command
Section around a center line rotation, out of a solid) to achieve, as shown in Figure 3 guide sleeve, through
The various operations of the cutting material are generated and the solid graph is generated. Figure 3 guide sleeve entity map

3, die mold frame assembly method
In Pro / E is how to create a good die mold four parts of the standard parts assembled into a complete mold. First create a new component, and then select the assembly in the component, select a component under the module to be assembled. In the same way, continue to select the second lead plate to be assembled
The guide bar portion is inserted into the hole of the lower die holder, the insertion method is selected, and the selection is mad
Parts of the constraints, first click the side of the guide column, and then click on the lower part of the hole in the hole
Automatically inserted into, but still do not match, because the bottom of the guide pillar to the bottom of the lower mold bas
To align, so choose the alignment constraints, select the bottom of the guide post and the bottom of the lower mold base, PRO / 
Automatic request input offset, select 0. Complete the assembly of the guide post and the lower mold base, as shown in Figure 4. 

4 Guide column and under the mold seat assembly
The axis of the mandrel, guide post and guide hole must be perpendicular to the datum plane of the mold base, and the center distance of the guide post and guide sleeve should be the same. Here the guide sleeve and the mold base with the guide column and guide sleeve with the guide pillar and the lower mold base with the shaft and the hole with the match, so have to use the insert command, but before the insert to give them Each of the constraints: the guide sleeve and the upper mold base in the insert before the face with the face of the matching constraints, guide column and guide sleeve assembly in the insert before the alignm

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