High-qualified scaffolding provider

Time: 2018-06-06

We are the leading high-qualified scaffolding provider in China with more than 10 years of professional production experience. we are specialied in the production of all kinds of steel scaffolding for the moment.
with the rapid development of social economy and the booming real estate industry, demands for scaffolding and especially for high-qualified scaffolding gradually increase,no matter at home or abroad.

In the construction field, frame scaffolding makes it possible for builders to complete tall constructions, and with its superiority of stability, fram scaffolding is the best choice for builders to make sure their own safety during the construction process. Thus, the high-qualified fram scaffolding becomes more and more popular. 
our fram scaffoldinghas the feature of high load capacity and the deck can be open. besides, the footplate material is made of fiberglass and wood.

As the leading scaffolding producer in China, our products are not only saled and serviced in our domestic market but also exported to America and European countries with high reputation around the world. With all technical knowledge and capacity, we are pretty sure to serve customers with confidence and enthusiasm. For the past ten years, our products are designed and produced by experts.

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