Scaffolds With Scaffold Wheels Are A Winner

Time: 2018-05-14
Because of the ease of re-selling rolling scaffolds, scaffold wheels renting made a big hit. Now one person - a do it yourselfer - could be enticed to do more modernization to his home as he could now do a lot of the construction chores that required scaffolds with wheels, that he could not do before without help. He or she could rent scaffolding and rolling scaffolds and scaffold tools as never before. Renting scaffolding to do it yourself customers became a big business in the United States and Canada. 

Scaffold Wheels Help With Multiple Builds

Renting scaffolding most often cuts the overall cost of the construction of one or two units, but if you or your contractor plan multiple builds, purchasing of a rolling scaffold should be considered. Most scaffolding rental companies offer several different types of scaffolding, including: 

masonry scaffolding 

plaster scaffolding 

system scaffolding (includes towers, 

frames, rolling scaffolds) 

tube and clamp scaffolding

Certain odd geometric shaped industrial buildings can often only have requirements met with a tube and clamp or custom system scaffold wheel setup. Masonry and plaster scaffolding dominate the rental market, and account for approximately 95 percent of the wheeled scaffold rental business. 

Factors That Affect Selecting Scaffold Wheels

Many factors affect scaffold wheel selection. For example, how wide of a working platform is required? Will the scaffolding have to support the weight of concrete blocks or other construction materials, or just the workers and their tools? Are there obstructions or other access difficulties? Clearly, choosing the right scaffold rental equipment is a job for experienced professionals. Pre-planning is essential. These professionals, both to rent scaffolding from or to buy scaffolding from are to be found in the Yellow Pages or on the Internet. 

Each rolling scaffold drive unit is comprised of a base having a motorized set of scaffold wheels connected to a friction drive. The motor device is cantilevered from the base to the drive ring and clutch on the scaffold wheels. The weight of the cantilevered scaffold wheel assembly presses a gear driven friction drive and engages the propulsion scaffold wheel that rest on the ground. The rolling scaffold units, when connected in place on the scaffold wheel, act in unison as a brake, clutch, and also propel the rolling scaffold assemblies. The rolling scaffold is propelled at a rate of about 3 miles per hour. At that speed the rolling scaffold is very easy to control. 

To make the construction job even easier a small portable motorized attachment for propelling portable rolling scaffolds from place to place around the building has been invented - patent pending. This motorized rolling scaffolding comprises of a pair of electrically operated propulsion units adapted to replace the detachable front caster scaffold wheels and control the means for operating and moving the rolling scaffolding units.

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