Mobile Scaffold

Time: 2018-05-13
The mobile scaffold as a basis for building facilities, widely used in a variety of large and small construction sites, and it has played a significant supporting role. The course of its development is quite long, from the imperfect to the last one to get closer to perfection,it has gone through a long process. Mobile scaffold composed of a main frame, horizontal,cross bracing, scaffold boards, adjustable screw jack and so on. Cross brace is also known as diagonal.
Mobile scaffolding is vertical connection of two frames with cross barce . There are poles at both ends of flattening parts when assembleing,it is locked into the frame vertical's pin. Surface treatment: electral galvanized (cold galvanizing), hot dip galvanized.Casters: Also known as ground round, and can be installed on the bottom part of the mobile scaffold, then composed of mobile scaffold which it can be used as mechanical and electrical installation,Paint stucco. Equipment maintenance. Advertising production the activities of the work platform. casters 6 inch with brake, easy to use mobile and flexible. safe and reliable features of the mobile scaffold by the United States first successful development of the early 1960s, Europe, Japan and other countries have applied and the development of such scaffolding. It has a simple assembly and disassembly, bearing performance, safety and reliability, the development of fast, mobile scaffolding in a variety of new scaffolding, the development of the first, the use of the largest in Europe, America, Japan and other countries, its use accounts for about 50% of the various types of scaffolding. From the late 1970s, China has imported from Japan, the United States, Britain and other countries and the use of this scaffold.

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