Scaffold production and testing methods

Time: 2018-05-02

1, the scaffolding load shall not exceed 270kg/m2, inspected and accepted listing before use, the use of regular checks and maintenance. Load of more than 270kg/m2, or form should be designing special scaffold.

2, the steel column should be set to the metal base should be based on the geological soft mat board or set sweeping strokes.

3, the scaffolding pole should be vertical, vertical deviation shall not exceed the height of 1 / 200, pole spacing of not more than 2 meters.

4, the scaffold ends and at intervals of 6-7 roots corner column support and the strut should be located a knife, 7 meters in height above the pole can not be located, the vertical intervals of 4 meters to 7 meters horizontally and building every thing connections are secure.

5, the scaffolding outside, ramps, platforms, set to 1.05 m fence. Laying bamboo or wood, the two must be strong banding, not banding to put into use is strictly prohibited.

6, in the channel and increasing the height of the escalator at the scaffold reinforcement bar should not hinder the passage.

7, pick scaffold generally 1.2 m step rails, and to additional bracing, bracing with vertical angle of not more than 30 °.

8, in order to prevent the rack tube bending under pressure from the cartridge slide fastener, cross out the bar ends are larger than 10 cm.

9, scaffolding erection site where the power cord or electrical equipment, must comply with the safety distance requirements, erection and dismantling to take measures to stop transmission.

10, scaffold inspection, the response to visual inspection of all parts, and use the implementation of inspection and listing system.

11, scaffold erection, they must on the shelf tubes, fasteners, bamboo, wire, check, rack tube severe bending, fastener severe corrosion, cracking, rotting bamboo must be scrapped, not be used.

12, leaning against the scaffolding ride directly on the floor of the wooden flute and fill without the calculated weight of structural parts of loading, or the scaffold and the scaffold board is not very firmly fixed to the building structure (such as bars, pipes, etc.).

13, scaffold boards and scaffolding shall be securely connected with each other. Scaffold boards on both ends should be on the rails, firmly fixed. Are not allowed in the span of scaffold boards between joints.

14, scaffold board and board to be paved ramp at the bar on the shelf. On both sides of a ramp, ramps and scaffolding bend the outer face, should be set 1m high railings, and in its lower part 18cm high additional guard.

15, should be fitted with a solid scaffold ladder, so that staff from top to bottom and transporting materials. Lifting weights with lifting gear, lifting equipment and scaffolding allowed the connected structure.

16, scaffolding erection work of leaders should take the scaffolding for the inspection and certify in writing the rear allowed. Person in charge of maintenance work should be checked daily by the use of scaffolding and scaffold board conditions, if any defect that required immediate repairs.

17, prohibited use of bucket handy, wooden, brick and other building materials to replace the formal take temporary scaffolding plank.

18, the scaffolding against Luanla wires. Temporary lighting circuits must be installed, the wood and bamboo scaffolding should be added insulators, metal pipe scaffolding should be a separate wooden cross arm.

19, installation of metal pipe scaffolding, prohibit the use of bent, crushed or cracked pipes, each successive pipe section to be intact to prevent the dumping or movement.

20, metal tube scaffolding pole, must be stable on the plate vertically, in the placement of the ground to reinforce the front plate, the whole flat. Pole should be put on column base, column base by the pillars and floor and pipe welding in the floor made of.

21, metal tube scaffolding fittings, hinges special applications overlap with each other, this hinges for right angle, but also for acute and obtuse angles (for bracing). Connection between the various components hinge bolts must be tightened.

22, scaffold boards to be fixed in the metal pipe scaffolding beams. 23, when the mobile scaffolding, the scaffolding of all staff must be down, the above prohibition movement was the scaffolding work.

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