Attentive Problems in Formwork Installation of Fair - Faced Concrete

Time: 2018-04-24
A . Templates are required to have regular seams when spliced (joined), the sense can accept, and joint also requires tight, no leakage of slurry. Between the joint can also be added sponge or rubber, in order to increase the tightness. In addition, the template patchwork can also be combined with Faced Concrete decorative lines in order to achieve better results.

B . Not only to calculate the strength, but also to accounting stiffness, avoid deformation. Because the strength needed to use the pull bolt reinforcement, deal with the bolt position or wall bushing of lofting, make bolt (tube) in concrete outer surface is regular, consistent with the requirements of.

C . On the column and beam junction, the wall corner template, there should be devoted to the reinforcement measures to prevent distortion caused in pouring concrete post.

D . There must be left for construction joints, construction joints before and after template and new and old concrete joint seam shall be dealt with seriously, and take special measures, in order to make concrete reaches the joint seam appearance, no deformation, no flow (hanging) pulp.

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