The mold of the mountain stone from the traditional wooden template bamboo shed scaffolding transition to the introduction of composite steel formwork

Time: 2018-04-08
From the traditional wood template, bamboo shed scaffolding transition to the introduction of composite steel formwork, steel pipe fastener scaffolding as the main variety, multi-standard mold, China's template technology development after a long period of time. What are the problems with our current mold technology? What needs to be improved? Beijing Aoyu template group consultant chief engineer Qiu Minghua has been specifically to the Canadian study, study the construction of North America, where the mold technology to understand. He said that some of the advanced practices abroad, China's existing mold technology is inspired.

On the whole, China's template scaffolding technology has developed, experienced from the traditional wood template, bamboo shed scaffolding to steel frame wood plywood template, early demolition template support, hydraulic sliding mold, door scaffolding, bowl buckle scaffolding Etc., also developed a steel frame bamboo plywood template. Subsequently, developed in line with China's national conditions of the steel template series template, a variety of power source climbing scaffolding, the introduction of steel frame plywood large template, hydraulic climbing model and various types of scaffolding. In recent years, all-steel large template, bamboo plywood template and wood plywood template developed rapidly, become the construction of the mainstream template.

Template scaffolding company small scale

For some reason, China's template scaffolding technology or there are some problems, compared with some developed countries, there is a certain gap. From the late 1970s to the early 1990s, China has just begun to introduce and use foreign mold technology, some industrial developed countries, mold companies have begun to enter the industrialization and professional research and development stage. But at the time, the reform of the construction industry, in the brutal low price, very irregular market competition mechanism, most of our enterprises can not take into account the new technology, new product development research.

China's template scaffolding companies a lot, but the scale is generally small, mainly play the role of material suppliers. Products are not matched, fragmentation, applicability is very limited, templates and scaffolding, templates and templates, scaffolds and scaffolds are not related to each other, such as steel large template is only applicable to the wall, and wood plywood template floor template no correlation The

Qiu Minghua engineers said that foreign template technology in the depth of the direction of the international development of the template sales, intensive, do better. Such as the United States HARSCO company, is already a large-scale production, production technology and advanced enterprise groups. Most of these enterprises are specialized subcontracting, the formation of specialized enterprises, so that management and technical capacity, can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the market to obtain more business, so that its enterprise human resources, equipment resources can get more The use of production efficiency.

Material quality level to be improved

Domestic mold products, product quality and product quality level is not high, resulting in material consumption is extremely serious, more security risks accidents. The most obvious is the general and large-scale use of low-quality low-cost wood-plastic plate template and steel scaffolding. Foreign Visha wood sheet template, the use of phenolic resin and double-sided film, can be used to run three or five times, and most of the domestic wood sheet template for the urea-formaldehyde glue plywood, the general use of ultra-three or five times, Resulting in a great waste of timber resources. China's steel formwork, steel frame template, steel support and steel scaffolding mainly use carbon steel, its large amount of steel, the material corrosion resistance is poor, the material life is short. Therefore, the consumption of large amount of steel, labor intensity. Steel pipe and fastener products pass rate of less than 10% of the total, resulting in frequent construction safety accidents.

Qiu Minghua engineers said that North America's mold technology has a relatively complete technical system. On the whole, most of the US companies use more efficient template, the template is light weight, the board is large, the bearing capacity is strong, it is easy to achieve the effect of the concrete, the group is also relatively simple, the material and maintenance are simple, labor saving, Life is relatively long. North America template material, one-time investment, but for a long time, the cost is not high Qiu Minghua said that the North American building structure, including the plate structure, steel structure, wood structure and mixed structure. They often choose different template scaffolding techniques according to different structural forms. Most of the plate concrete structure is made of aluminum template, this template by the aluminum I-beam and wood plywood composition of the wall template, the level of large templates and column templates, the group fight convenient, high efficiency. Tower structure is generally used wood beam floor template support system and modulus of the early demolition of the floor template system.

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