Adhesive Lifting Scaffolding Features

Time: 2018-03-22
Adhesive lifting scaffold equipment is a new type of scaffolding technology that has been rapidly developed at the beginning of this century, and has an important impact on the progress of construction technology in China. It transforms high-level operations into low-level operations, and converts vacant operations into internal operations of racks. It has significant low-carbon properties, high-tech content, and is more economical, safer, and more convenient.

Attached lifting scaffolding refers to an external scaffolding that has a certain height and is attached to an engineering structure, and can be climbed or descended with the elevation of the project structure by means of its own lifting equipment and devices, and has an anti-overturning and anti-dropping device; the attached lifting scaffold is mainly composed of Attached lifting scaffold structure, attachment support, anti-tilt device, fall arrest device, lifting mechanism and control device.

There are 7 characteristics
Low carbon
       Save 70% of steel consumption
       Save electricity by 95%
       30% savings in construction supplies

       The main body of the building is more than 45 meters. The higher the floor is, the more economical it is, and each building can save 30%-60% of the cost.

       Can be applied to architectural bodies of various structures
       Automatic synchronization control system and remote control system can be used to prevent unsafe conditions actively, and multiple settings of the star wheel anti-fall device can be used to prevent the failure of the reset device and other failures. This ensures that the protective frame body is always in a safe state and is effectively protected against falling.

       With the microcomputer load control system, the lifting status can be displayed in real time, and the load values ​​of each hoisting position are automatically acquired. When the load of a certain position exceeds 15% of the design value, it will automatically alarm and display the alarm position in the form of sound and light; when it exceeds 30%, the lifting device of this group will automatically stop until the fault is eliminated. Effectively avoid the safety hazards caused by overload or overload.

       To achieve low ride high function. At the bottom of the main body of the building, it is assembled once and attached to the building. With the increase of the height of the floor, it is continuously improved. The entire operation process does not occupy other lifting machines, greatly improving construction efficiency, and the on-site environment is more humane, and management and maintenance are easier. The effect of civilized operations is more prominent.

       Break through the messy exterior image of traditional scaffolding, make the overall image of the construction project more concise, structured, and can more effectively and intuitively demonstrate the safety and civilized image of the construction project.

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