Standardize mold rental market to promote building quality and safety
Modern construction, the template, scaffolding played an important role, the quality of templates, scaffolding products directly related to the quality of the project and construction safety. Templates, scaffolding leasing industry (hereinafter referred to as "mold leasing industry") is an important part of the construction industry, but also part of the logistics industry. The development of the mold leasing industry has promoted the development of the construction industry and the logistics industry, and achieved remarkable benefits and social benefits. But in the process of development of the industry, there have been such and such problems. In this regard, industry experts called for, must increase the standardized management efforts to solve the existing problems in order to ensure sustained and stable development of the industry.

To enhance the comprehensive level of mold leasing industry is to promote the healthy development of the industry

Mold industry leasing industry is China's reform and opening up, with the rapid development of national construction, institutional reform gradually advanced, and the rapid rise of emerging industries, about 30 years of history.

According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of 2008, the national model racking enterprises remain at 13,000 or more. Among them, about 20% of large enterprises, small and medium enterprises accounted for 80%. Franchise leasing companies accounted for more than 75%, production and sales, taking into account the leasing of about 20% of enterprises, design, production, construction leasing integration of about 5% of enterprises.

However, in the process of rapid development of the industry there are some problems. Market-led industry development is fast, the market demand, access threshold is low, a large number of unqualified and backward products into the market, resulting in a certain chaotic situation. The more serious consequence is that the qualifying product is not protected, and the loss of confidence in the market once, in the wait and see on the purchase of products no longer emphasize the quality and standards, but the price as the preferred standard.

China Infrastructure Materials Contractors Association Committee Chairman Qiu Minghua that the above phenomenon is the main reason: the market economy conditions, the relevant policies and regulations are not developed in time, lack of supervision, coupled with the simple mode of operation and other factors, resulting in substandard products in the building The market has its living space. Most of the small and medium-sized leasing business management extensive, poor maintenance equipment, not timely maintenance. For a long time still steel formwork, steel pipe fastener scaffolding, support spare parts, mainly single product, poor quality, impact and destruction of the market rules. Enterprises can not be discarded according to the depreciation of the product, ultra-standard, unconventional reuse. Especially in coastal areas, the product is subject to serious corrosion, surface oxidation peeling thinning. More serious is that individual enterprises with anti-rust paint pipe does not brush on the rental, there are serious security risks. According to incomplete statistics, in the country, in recent years, every year shocking, and more unqualified steel pipe fastener caused by the scaffolding collapse occurred. At the same time, unqualified products can flow into the market, the driving force of the breeding comes from the spread of the benefits driven by the spread of the main factors is that the market access threshold is low, there is no strict regulatory mechanism to make a reasonable price of qualified products, Under the conditions but no market.

In the process of standardizing the construction market and perfecting the construction system, the mold leasing industry should respond quickly and sensitively to speed up the improvement of the comprehensive management level, and strive to improve the internal strength, grasp Live market opportunities, keep up with the pace of the times, stronger on the basis of bigger enterprises.

First, the development of enterprise development strategy objectives, do a good job in building enterprises, establish a sound enterprise system. Training will understand the operation of the complex personnel, pay attention to market information guide to meet the needs of construction services.

Second, mold leasing companies to stand in the height of the industry, seriously summed up the competition between enterprises of talent, technology competition, product competition, management competition and other issues, on this basis, relying on the brand and integrity firm market, Long-term development of enterprises. At present, the industry has a larger enterprise to achieve the business, management and information leasing materials loading and unloading, unloading automation, solidly enhance the overall level of enterprises, the real industry to improve the corporate image of the leasing industry.

Third, in the global integration of today, the effective combination of resources to enter the market more opportunities, higher integrity, comprehensive benefits will be greater. From the mold frame rental industry characteristics of the analysis, at present, like large state-owned mergers and acquisitions as impossible, the acquisition opportunities are limited. More realistic approach or similar products, the same quality, the same level of service enterprises within the loose joint, the overall face of the market should be the best choice.

In recent years, small and medium-sized construction enterprises have been eliminated more and more, only to Beijing, for example, March 12, 2009, Beijing Construction Committee issued a "cancellation of 83 construction enterprises in Beijing" notice. Changes in the construction industry will directly impact the market share of some small and medium-sized leasing enterprises. Small-scale leasing enterprises should promptly adjust their business strategy and manage them in place to strictly regulate the operation of enterprises and make development on the basis of ensuring survival.

The development of industry standard for mold leasing is the basic guarantee for promoting industry progress

In view of the actual situation of the development of the industry, the timber conservation center, the China Foundation Materials Association and the China Template Association Leasing Committee as the editorial unit, responsible for the development of national standards for engineering construction "lease template scaffolding maintenance and technical specifications" and industry standards "scaffolding scaffolding enterprises Hierarchical specification ".

China Infrastructure Materials Contractors Association executive vice president Yu Nieqiu said that the development of standards is a major event in the development of the industry, is an important part of the industry standard management. The development of "leasing template scaffolding maintenance technical specifications" standard, clearly defined the template, scaffolding product maintenance, retirement, storage and other standards. Leasing units have rules to ensure that the leasing of goods to be due, reasonable maintenance and repair, fundamentally improve the quality of products to extend the service life.

In the enterprise product maintenance in a timely manner, sound system, management practices, quality assurance on the basis of the implementation of "template scaffolding leasing enterprise grade specification" standard, so that industry enterprises in a standard, a starting line, to obtain a legitimate, fair level Identified. So that the market according to the different needs of enterprises, choose products, and truly enhance the credibility of the market and industry integrity. Fair competition is the inevitable development of the times, the development of industry standards should be the majority of practitioners look forward to a long time.

Yu Nieqiu said that China's standardization work level compared with foreign countries there is a big gap, the world has more than 16,000 standards, the Chinese participation in the preparation of the project only 0.1% to 0.22%. Standard is an important part of independent innovation, but also the results into an important carrier of goods, the implementation of the implementation of standards is the survival of enterprises, industry progress guarantee. In particular, it is important to emphasize the implementation of standards. With the standard can not guarantee the implementation in place, equal to no. So we have to jointly increase the intensity of the implementation of standards, so that operators really understand the importance of the implementation of standards and far-reaching significance. In short, the standard formulation and implementation of the industry development, the basis for progress. Any industry there is no standard or standard without supervision and management, but also useless, not to standardize the purpose of the market.

Yu Nieqiu that through the development of the two standards, will be able to regulate the industry from the source of industry behavior, fundamentally enhance the strength of enterprises. In the implementation and implementation of the standard process, will make the industry service level, service quality, integrity has a substantial increase. As a result of a nationwide template, scaffolding leasing business from a asset size, operating performance, material quality, management level and other aspects of comprehensive evaluation, according to the evaluation results for certification rating, and truly improve the rental industry image and social status, to standard Market, the purpose of survival of the fittest. Otherwise, the enterprise really hard and difficult. Standards will be implemented in the resistance, the resistance from the market environment, economic interests, individual small businesses have chances, still filling the market again and again, for this phenomenon should take measures to strengthen management and supervision, go all out The implementation of the implementation of standards, to achieve the purpose of regulating the market.

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