How to strengthen the safety management of scaffolding?

Strengthen the safety management of scaffolding,Tiandi Scaffolding reminds scaffold steel pipe must be set up in accordance with the requirements of the program, a three-step inspection, after passing the acceptance and hanging qualified license can be used after the removal of scaffolding should be set warning line, prohibiting the entry of unrelated personnel, the order of removal should be from top to bottom, not allowed to the same time In operation, the material to be dismantled shall pass downwards or be handed out from the doors and windows, and shall not be thrown downwards. The operator must wear a safety belt cap when detaching, and a safety rope tied to the body. The scaffold must have sufficient sturdiness and stability. During the construction period, under the effect of the temperature change of the allowable load, no deformation, tilting or swaying can occur, and sufficient working face should be ensured to meet the needs of worker's operation and material stacking.

In the process of use, it is necessary to regularly check the operation of the machine, the lubrication condition, the wear condition of the wire rope surface, the sensitive and reliable conditions of each safety device, and solve the problem in time. When lifting a large component, perform a time when the component is 20-30 cm away from the ground. When the component is lifted, it is forbidden to suspend the component in the air overhauling machine. When the wind exceeds six levels, the hoisting shall be stopped. The structural hoisting and equipment installation in the construction project shall be checked by the operator and the labor shall be worn as required. Protective equipment, should be carefully checked before hoisting the hoisting equipment construction site, lifting components, members and lifting equipment is strictly prohibited, it is also prohibited to place any object.

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