What are the elements of a high quality and safe aluminum alloy scaffolding?

At present, in the domestic construction, more standard construction units have basically eliminated the problem of over-construction of over 2 levels of gate scaffolding. Instead, steel pipes and fasteners are used to build mobile platforms. However, it is urgent to solve the problems of heavy, unsafe, and inefficient. If such products cause accidents, they will not only have a huge impact on the constructors and the image of the city, but also bring a negative image to the scaffolding industry. Therefore, more and more construction units have begun to use mobile aluminum alloy quick-fitting scaffolding for construction, and the benefits are obvious.

Professionals responsible for the production and sales of aluminum scaffolds pointed out:“Currently, there are no standard specifications for the implementation of mobile aluminum alloy scaffolding. There are many phenomena in the industry that can't be made by incompetent manufacturers and imitation of cottages. These inferior aluminum alloy scaffolds are not only inconsistent with industry standards, but also lag behind the safety aluminum alloy scaffolds that meet the European Union's EN1004 standard in materials selection, processes, and so on. But why is there a market? The lower price is the main reason. If the purchaser regards price as the first standard, then the hidden dangers of accidents always follow.”

In addition, industry experts believe that customers’ lack of understanding of new products such as aluminum scaffolds is also the main reason for buyers or users to purchase inferior products. In its view, high quality and safe aluminum scaffolds need to include these elements:

I: The production process guarantees stability and durability

Industry insiders pointed out: Today, most of the aluminum scaffolds that we can often see are welded. However, when the aluminum alloy material adopts the hot-working welding technology, internal stress is generated, which easily destroys the internal molecular structure of the aluminum material and reduces the original strength and durability of the material. This requires that the welding process must have strict quality in production. Control, otherwise it is easy to form a virtual weld, the latter has a great deal of internal stress, resulting in product after a certain height due to shaking caused by rapid product damage. Therefore, common aluminum alloy products such as aluminum alloy doors and windows, ladders, etc. are all welded using non-welded riveting methods.

II: details to ensure safety

details make a difference. In the eyes of industry experts, aluminum scaffolds are able to better ensure operational safety. Among these are small components such as diagonal supports, swivel castors, and special guardrail frames, which are important factors in ensuring safety.

In summary, a complete set of aluminum scaffolding should include: frame, tie rod, diagonal tie rod, guardrail frame, H guardrail, skirting board, platform board (must guarantee at least one platform board every 2m height), swivel caster, Adjust legs, diagonal supports, etc.

III: Safe Construction and Use

Mobile aluminum scaffolding is different from the common fixed iron scaffolding platform. Improper use is one of the important reasons. How to use aluminum scaffolding safely? Note the following:

1. Safety inspection; Before erecting and using aluminum alloy scaffolding, all components and tubes need to be inspected to ensure that all parts are intact and there are no obvious dents due to cracks, squeezing, and bumping.

2. When constructing, make sure that the ground on which the aluminum alloy scaffold is erected and moved provides sufficient stable and strong support.

3. When working in an environment with an external support, consult the supplier or vendor and perform the work under their guidance.

4. When moving the aluminum alloy scaffolding, it is necessary to pay attention to the electrical appliances that are running nearby, such as wires in the air.

5. When moving the aluminum scaffolding, everyone must leave the scaffolding and clean up all debris under the rack.

In fact, for the scaffolding industry, it is necessary to work together to avoid safety accidents. For example, aluminum alloy scaffolding companies need to produce safe, high-quality products. For both buyers and sellers, the safety and quality of aluminum alloy scaffolding should be taken into consideration when considering the cost-effectiveness. However, as an aluminum alloy scaffolding operator, Normative use is more of a direct guarantee of its own safety.

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